What models do you offer?

At the moment we only have the LYRIQ in our portfolio.

What is a Lyriq?

LYRIQ is the first electric SUV in a new generation of Cadillacs. It is a bold design statement that combines the famous prestige of the Cadillac brand with dazzling style, premium comfort and seamless technology.

Do you only offer EVs?

In Europe, yes. Cadillac, like the rest of GM, is committed to delivering a future with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion. Advancements in battery technology and availability of public infrastructure have made it easier than ever to own an electric vehicle. By the end of the decade all new Cadillacs in the portfolio will be EVs.

What is the Ultium Platform?

Ultium is GM's game-changing EV battery platform. The innovative technology delivers outstanding power, range and performance, making it easy for you to stay charged. The flexible battery architecture also enables a near 50/50 weight distribution of the vehicle and a lower center of gravity, resulting in a drive that's sporty, responsive and joyful.

What accessories are available for my LYRIQ?

During the car configuration process, you have the option to include the roof rack and tow hitch. Additionally, a wide range of other accessories and merchandise will be available on our eCommerce platform.


How can I check the charging status of my vehicle?

The vehicle’s battery status is displayed in the dash, showing the State of Charge (SoC) of the battery in %. It is ideal to keep the battery between 20-80%.

How far can I drive without charging?

The LYRIQ has a range of up to 530km. Actual range, however, depends on a number of factors, from how you drive to the type of terrain. Driving style, topography and ambient temperature will all impact how far you can go on a single charge.

What do I need to charge my vehicle at home?

To charge your vehicle at home, you can use the supplied cable set (Level 1), which can be connected to any normal socket. However, this takes a long time. Ideally, you should have a wallbox (11 or 22 kW) installed near your parking space to charge your vehicle more efficiently. 


What buying or leasing options are available?

You have the option to buy or lease the LYRIQ with our banking partners on this website or at Cadillac City Zurich.

Can I trade in my current car?

Yes, you can!

Get in touch with our Customer Support team.

Please mind, you can request a trade-in quote at any time, but the offer is subject to a placement of a LYRIQ order.


How do I lease a LYRIQ?

You can configure and lease a LYRIQ completely online. Just go to the configurator, configure the LYRIQ of your dreams, and proceed to check out.

Here is what will happen next:


1. You will be asked to create an account

2. You will select your service package and insurance (both optional)

3. You will be completing the leasing application (verify your phone number, provide information regarding your personal details, household, job, income & expense information)

4. You will need to download the IDnow app to authenticate yourself

5. Once you complete your leasing application, the bank will review it and, if approved, send you an e-mail with your leasing contract to sign digitally

6. You will receive an SMS with request to create an account to be able to sign the contract digitally using Swisscom as an E-sign provider 

7. You will receive an email to sign the contract on the e-signing platform Skribble


For any questions throughout the process, you can get in touch with our Support Team through this form or live chat.

Is the monthly lease rate a fixed rate?

Yes it is a fixed rate.

What happens if I exceed my lease's kilometres?

You will be charged according to the terms & conditions of your contract for excess kilometers.

Is insurance included in my lease agreement?

You have the option to choose from various insurances that are added to your monthly leasing rate. Please note that motor insurance is mandatory - you can either sign it with us or present your own motor insurance. Please consider the terms and conditions of your contract.

What are the difference between the insurance packages available by the banking partner?

Motor Insurance Flex:

- Fully comprehensive insurance covering damage caused by collision to own vehicle (deductible: CHF 1000.-)- Comprehensive insurance also includes liability insurance and covers property damage and personal injury caused to a 3rd party with the vehicle.


Note: A prove of a fully comprehensive insurance is mandantory. Customers can present their own insurance. In the event of a claim, assignment of the insured amount is transferred to CA Autobank not to the customer - corresponding document must be signed upon vehicle handover.

GAP Insurance:

- The GAP insurance is a supplement to the mandatory fully comprehensive insurance and thus optional- The insurance benefit is equal to the difference between the cash purchase price and the fully comprehensive insurance benefit. Keep in mind: Fully comprehensive insurance only covers the current vehicle value. GAP insurance covers the gap to the cash purchase price.


Comfort Plus:

- Can be selected optionally, only for private customers- Protects customers against unforeseeable financial risks caused by incapacity for work or unemployment


Traffic Legal Protection:

- Insured Legal Cases: Criminal Law & Withdrawal of Driver's license- Included services: Handling of the legal case and representation by a lawyer, Legal advice, worldwide insurance coverage for the above mentioned legal cases

Is servicing included in my lease agreement?

You have the option to choose from two service packages, which will be added to your monthly installment. Please note that all service and maintenance work must be carried out at our certified service partners. For more information, please consider the terms and conditions of your contract.

What does the Cadillac Maintenance package include?

The service package includes all the cost for covering the regular maintenance of the vehicle, including fluid and parts plus the following wear & tear components:

- Brake pads

- Brake discs

- Shock absorbers

- Fuses

- Wipers

All the components not explicitly declared are to be considered not included in the service package.

What does the Cadillac Maintenance & Winter Wheels package include?

The service package includes all the cost for covering the regular maintenance of the vehicle including fluid and parts plus the following wear & tear components:

- Brake pads

- Brake discs

- Shock absorbers

- Fuses

- Wipers

- A set of winter wheels (default variant for the winter rims is always the LUXURY version), pressure sensors and the seasonal installation and storage of the off-seasonal tyres.

All the components not explicitly declared are to be considered not included in the service package.

Is it safe ordering a lease vehicle online?

Absolutely - the security of your online data is our priority, and we adhere to all local and international laws and regulations for your safety.

Can I return my lease vehicle before the contract expires?

Yes, you can. However, there will be a cost associated with an early termination according to the terms and conditions of your contract. 

Why do I have to go through the export compliance screening?

This is a legal requirement, Cadillac Europe GmbH (Cadillac) has compliance obligations under the export control laws and regulations of the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and other relevant jurisdictions which may restrict exchanging commodities with designated individuals or certain countries and their nationals.

Why is the account creation compulsory to order a car?

Creating an account is a requirmeent as it will allow you to:

- track your  order
- manage Cadillac extra subscriptions
- manage privacy settings and personal details
- use the same log-in for My Cadillac App.

Why does the price of the insurance vary?

The price of the insurance varies depending on the personal information provided in the insurance questionarie (e.g. driver's age, nationality and driving history). In other words, we provide an accurate and customised cost for the insurance package based on your answer.

What is the down payment?

The down payment is an initial one-off payment that reduces your monthly instalment. This amount can vary from CHF 0.- to CHF 18 500.- in increments of CHF 500.-

What is ZEK and how are they involved?

ZEK (Zentralstelle fur Kreditinformation) is a registry of all Credits or Leasing held by private customers in Switzerland. Its goal is to prevent customers from bankruptcy by checking that the total amount of credit he subscribes to is not above what they can afford.

What is the OTP number?

OTP stands for One Time Password. It is used to verify your phone number, you will receive an SMS from CA Autobank with a unique code that you need to input in the OTP field.

Can I cancel my lease?

You can cancel your lease within 14 days after signature of the contract and return the car. After 14 days you can break the lease although there will be a fee associated with early termination, according to the terms & conditions of your contract.


Where can I service my Cadillac LYRIQ?

You can service your car at Hedin Automotive Schweiz, our premium service partner. They provide  a comprehensive service support for the Cadillac LYRIQ in Switzerland. Their expertise and dedication will ensure your LYRIQ receives top-notch and maintenance.  In case of unplanned event or normal maintenance in your country, you can visit one of our service centers, which are located in several major cities.

For unplanned events abroad, where the vehicle is in one of the markets we operate, the vehicle can be serviced in one of our service centers. For unplanned events in a country not covered, we recommend contacting Cadillac customer support. In case the issue requires the vehicle to not be used (driven) we will provide a tow service to the nearest service center or a mobile service/ field engineer inspection. Normal maintenance cannot be done abroad.

For unplanned service event in Switzerland, contact Touring Club Schweiz (TCS) roadside assistance organisation on 0800 55 19 46 or +41 31 850 55 45.

How often do I have to service a LYRIQ?

Together with your LYRIQ, you will get a detailed maintenance schedule document. Your LYRIQ is serviced regularly every 2 years or 24 000 km. Your vehicle's diagnostics system will also advise you when it is time for servicing. Based on the age and km driven the technical advisor will decide the operation service needed.  You can book an appointment at the service center or by getting in touch with our customer support.

How does roadside assistance work?

Roadside assistance supports you in case of incident or an issue with your LYRIQ. If such an issue occurs, you must get in touch directly with our roadside assistance partner.

They will send a breakdown support vehicle to you.For Switzerland and Liechtenstein, please contact Touring Club Schweiz (TCS) on 0800 55 19 46 or +41 31-850 55 45.


What is the duration of the warranty?

With our warranty you can only focus on driving.  Our bumper-to-bumper coverage lasts up to 4 years/100,000kms (whichever comes first).  The electric Vehicle Battery Propulsion Warranty covers you for: 8 Years / 160,000kms (whichever comes first).  For the sheet-metal warranty,  you're covered for 4 years for paint / Corrosion, and 10 for rust-through.

Is my lease vehicle under warranty?

Yes, your leased vehicle has the same warranty as a vehicle bought without financing.

What do I do if my vehicle is involved in an accident?

In any case, you should fill out an accident report for your insurance company.

If the accident is unclear, no one is clearly at fault, or one or more people are injured, the police must be notified and assist at the scene.

If your vehicle caused the accident and it wasn't driver error, please contact our customer support team so we can investigate whether or not it was a technical issue at the time.

What is the base warranty?

The warranty covers repairs to correct any vehicle defect related to materials or workmanship occurring during the warranty period, excluding slight noise, vibrations, or other normal characteristics of the vehicle. Warranty repairs, including towing, parts and labor, will be made at no charge. To obtain warranty repairs, book an appointment with a Cadillac Service Center within the warranty period and request the required repairs.


What type of offering do you have for business customers?

Our offering will cover


- financing & insurance 

- repairs & maintenance

- tyre service

- charging solutions

- fleet management solutions

- consulting services to help you transition smoothly to electric driving for your business

In order to deliver the best solution for your business please get in touch with our team

Do you offer fleet discounts?

Our prices are already the best prices we can offer. However, we are committed to support every business to transition to electric fleets. If you are interested in purchasing 2 cars or more please reach out to our fleet team so we can discuss your requirements in more details.

How can I organise a test drive event for my company?

Our team will be delighted to work out the greatest test drive experience for your employees. Please, reach out to our team via the contact form providing some information about your test drive request.

Do you only offer the Cadillac Lyriq for business customers?

Currently we only have the Cadillac Lyriq but we are expanding our portfolio of EVs in the upcoming years to enhance our offering to cover more business needs.

How can I order a car as a business customer?

If you intend to buy a LYRIQ as a business customer, please configure your Cadillac LYRIQ online and reach out via our contact form and share your unique configuration URL.

Do you work with leasing companies?

Yes, we have selected great banking partners to support the financing requirements of our business customers. If you however would like to work with a different banking partner please get in touch with our team.

I am responsible for purchasing and managing the fleet. How can I include the Cadillac LYRIQ in my fleet policy?

Our Fleet Sales Team is at your disposal to present our innovative Cadillac Fleet solutions and to discuss a cooperation. Please get in touch with our team.


Where will the car be delivered?

The pick-up location will be in the canton of Zurich. We will provide you with the best location based on the zip code you provide during the check-out process.


Where can I test drive the LYRIQ?

You can test drive the LYRIQ at the Cadillac City Zurich (Bahnhofstrasse 75, 8001 Zürich). You can book a timeslot online here.

Walk-ins are always welcomed when we have the availabilities.

If you want to make sure to have a test drive timeslot, we would highly advise you to book it beforehand.

How long is the test drive?

The test drive starting from the Cadillac City Zurich store lasts approx. 1 hour.

The actual duration may vary depending on the traffic.

Additional time also needs to be foreseen to finalize the registration before the drive.

Can I choose a test drive route?

Once you have sent a request to book your test drive, an Experience Centre Guide will contact you via phone to understand your driving habits and preferences. They will offer you the best route for your test drive.

How can I reschedule or cancel a test drive?

To reschedule or cancel a test drive,  simply reply to the confirmation email you received and our Experience Centre Guide will make the necessary adjustments.

Are the test drives co-piloted?

Yes. Our Experience Center Guide will be with you to help you discovering all the features of the LYRIQ.