Get an offer on your current vehicle

and trade it in for your new LYRIQ.


Trade-in offers from our trade-in partners are valid for six months and include up to an additional 10,000 km, so that you can keep driving your car until you get your LYRIQ. Terms apply. Learn more


You get the full trade-in amount paid by our trade-in partners. We don’t profit from any trade-in transaction. 



Get an offer for your car just by filling a form and sending us a few pictures.



Get an offer for your car just by filling a form and sending us a few pictures.


Our partners do all the work for you: no hassle in selling your car, no negotiations with potential buyers. You are free to accept the offer or not.


Tell us about your vehicle

Get started by requesting the trade-in form and filling out your vehicle details.




Get your offer

In 1 business day, you will receive an offer from our experienced trade-in partners, which will remain valid until you pick-up your LYRIQ. No physical inspection required. Terms apply. Learn more

Finalise the transaction

Accept our partner’s offer, sign the agreement and then bring in your car when you pick-up your Cadillac LYRIQ. You will receive your payment within 48 hours.



Why my offer may be different than what I see on the market?

Our partners will evaluate your car in the most precise way based on the information you provided in the trade-in form. Different factors play a role in this evaluation, including the kilometers on the car, the overall condition, and the market demand. 

In addition, you get an offer today and you keep driving your car until your LYRIQ’s delivery (up to 10,000 km).

Do your trade-in partners accept all cars?

They accept all cars which are still driveable, registered in the LYRIQ’s future owner’s name, and registered in the country of sale.

Can I use the trade-in amount as downpayment for my financing or discount on the final invoice?

Your Cadillac LYRIQ order and the trade-in are two separate transactions. You will receive the trade-in amount after the handover of your car to our trade-in partner.

Can I trade-in and handover my car earlier than the delivery of my LYRIQ?

Yes, you can do so in agreement with the trade-in partner.

Do I have to buy a Cadillac LYRIQ in order to get a trade-in offer?

You can obtain a trade-in offer before you order your Cadillac LYRIQ. However, the trade-in offer will expire if you don’t order a Cadillac LYRIQ within 14 days. 

Do I have to take care of any administrative work?

You just need to complete your Cadillac LYRIQ order and formally accept the trade-in offer with our partner. The trade-in partner will take care of the deregistration of your current car and will take care of the registration of your Cadillac LYRIQ.

No Set-Off, Separate Transactions

The sale price for your used vehicle will not be set off against the purchase price for your new Cadillac LYRIQ. The acquisition of a new Cadillac LYRIQ and the potential trade-in sale of your used car are separate transactions, concluded with independently acting parties. Terms and conditions of the trade-in partner apply.

Offer Expiration

The trade-in partner’s offer expires if a new Cadillac LYRIQ is not purchased within 14 days, or if 6 months or 10'000 km mileage are reached before handover of the new Cadillac Lyriq – whichever comes first.

No Liability

Cadillac Europe GmbH is not liable for any adverse consequence resulting from your trade-in sale in connection with the delivery of the new Cadillac LYRIQ. In particular, Cadillac Europe GmbH shall not be held liable for inaccurate information in the trade-in form, for an incorrect valuation, or for delayed vehicle delivery leading to expiry of the trade-in offer.