The following terms and conditions apply to the service of vehicles sold by Cadillac Europe GmbH, with registered address at Albisriederstrasse 253, 8047 Zürich, Switzerland (“Cadillac”) to any of its customers (individually, “Customer”).

(Customer and Cadillac are together referred to as “Parties”.)

1. Service of the Vehicle 


The Customer agrees to purchase the repair and maintenance service of the vehicle purchased from Cadillac (“Vehicle”) selected in the order form submitted to Cadillac.
In the order form, the Customer may choose between three service packages, described in the ANNEX to these terms and conditions.

•    Cadillac Maintenance,
•    Cadillac Winter Wheels, or
•    Cadillac Maintenance & Winter Wheels.

If the order will be accepted, Cadillac will send an acceptance to the Customer via e-mail. The service of the vehicle will be binding upon the Parties on the first day of the month following the date the Customer receives the acceptance from Cadillac. It is understood that Cadillac is not obliged to accept orders and it will not accept orders from vehicles dealers, retailers professional taxi drivers or chauffeurs. However, if the Customer has validly canceled the order of a vehicle for which she/he has ordered a service package, she/he will be entitled to cancel the order and consequently terminate the services too, by notifying the withdrawal to the e-mail address  

2. Fees and payment

The fees of the services will be paid all at once in one lump sum:

•    CHF. 3,318 for the Cadillac Maintenance package,
•    CHF. 4,103 for the Cadillac Winter Wheels package, or
•    CHF. 7,421 for the Cadillac Maintenance & Winter Wheels package.

Upon delivery of the vehicle, Cadillac will send to the Customer a VAT invoice via e-mail. The Customer shall settle the invoice within 7 days from receipt.

3. Default

If the Customer does not settle the payment of the fees invoice within 7 days, Cadillac may suspend or terminate the services.

4. Duration


The duration of Cadillac Maintenance is 4 year or 100.000 kilometers, whichever comes first. The duration of the Cadillac Winter Wheels package is 4 years, regardless of the kilometers of the Vehicle.
In case of resale of the Vehicle before expiration of the duration, the Customer will not be entitled to cancel the services and seek any refunds. Cadillac will agree to transfer the service contract to the buyer of the Vehicle for the remaining duration, provided that the Customer and the buyer will notify to Cadillac a request to do so indicating name, e-mail and residence of the buyer, as well as VIN number and license plate of the resold Vehicle.

5. Force Majeure.


Neither Party shall be liable for any loss or damage arising out of any delay or failure in the performance of its obligations or the obligations in relation to the service of the Vehicle the extent such delay or failure results from events beyond the control of that party, including, but not limited to, strikes, lockouts, wars, floods, earthquakes, pandemics or any circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

6. Customer Data and screening


Cadillac will process the Customer’s personal data in accordance with the privacy statement available at (“Privacy Statement”). Cadillac has the right to amend and revise the Privacy Statement from time to time in line with applicable laws. By ticking the relevant box in the order form, the Customer confirms to have reviewed and acknowledged the Privacy Statement.
Cadillac may share personal data according to the Privacy Statement with third parties for verifying eligibility for the service of the Vehicle in conformity with its policies concerning compliance with export control and economic sanctions laws and regulations of United States, Switzerland, European Union, and any other relevant jurisdictions.
The Customer is informed that Cadillac will comply with all of its reporting and notification obligations in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations for combating money laundering and financial crime and may suspend or terminate the sale and Purchase of the Vehicle if so required by those laws and regulations.

7. Performance by third parties

Cadillac may engage third parties to perform all or any portion of its obligations relating to the service of the Vehicle.

8. Assignment

Cadillac may assign any of its rights relating to the sale of the Vehicle to affiliate companies controlled directly or indirectly by General Motors Company.

9. Governing law and jurisdiction

The service of the Vehicle is subject to Swiss law. The Parties shall submit any related disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Zurich. Cadillac may also submit complains to the competent court at the Customer’s place of residence.


Option 1: Cadillac Maintenance
Option 2: Winter Wheels
Option 3: Cadillac Maintenance & Winter Wheels





Regular Maintenance




Parts subject to wear




Winter tyres + rims + pressure sensors




Seasonal wheel installation




Off seasonal wheel storage




yes: included        no: excluded

Regular Maintenance:


This service covers all the cost for parts, including fluids, and labor to maintain in perfect condition your new Cadillac, following the manufacturer instruction and indication, detailed in the maintenance schedule document.
The parts may be GM branded or GM approved parts obtained from our suppliers.
This service does NOT cover:


•    the locating of noises
•    navigation updates
•    the wheels tyres and their balancing
•    replacement of wear parts
•    replacement of failed parts
•    all other costs not related to what explicit declared in the maintenance schedule document

Parts subject to wear:


This service covers all the cost for parts and labor for the following components, if they cannot fulfil the function for which they have been designed:

•    front brake pads
•    rear brake pads
•    front brake discs
•    rear brake discs
•    fuses
•    front shock absorbers
•    rear shock absorbers
•    wipers

The decision on the functionality of the parts will be taken by the approved service centers’ and in accordance with any wear indicators provided for this purpose. Parts not listed above are not included in this service.

Winter tyres +rims + pressure sensors:


This service is only available with the Winter Wheels package and Cadillac Maintenance & Winter Wheels package.
This service covers all costs for purchasing winter tyres, rims, and pressure sensors with the same dimension of the first equipment and their assembly. Winter tyres are provided from the list of approved GM suppliers and always with the same or superior mass index and velocity index. The design of the rim for this service may not be decided by the customer and can be different from the one present in the vehicle, but still with the same dimension and in the list of possible rims available during the car configuration.  The tyre pressure sensors may be GM branded or GM approved parts obtained from our suppliers.
This service also covers the first tyres and rims balancing to guarantee the correct utilization of the winter wheels. Any additional set of tyres, rims and pressure sensors are not included in this package.

Seasonal Wheel Installation:


This service is only available with the Winter Wheels package or Cadillac Maintenance & Winter Wheels.
This service covers the cost for installing winter wheels during the winter period or when the national requirement is recommended and the additional cost for install the first equipped wheels during the other season or when the national requirement is recommended.  The total installation per year covered are 2 and cannot be exceeded. The installation must be performed in service centers authorized by Cadillac. 

Off Seasonal Wheel storage:


This service is only available with the package called Winter Wheels package and Cadillac Maintenance & Winter Wheels.
 The service covers all the cost for storage the winter wheels and the first equipped wheels during the period of not utilization. the wheels will be storage in the Cadillac approved service centers, the same that perform the installation. At the end of the 4th year from the first registration, the Customer shall pick-up winter wheels/first equipped wheels from the storage facility.


Service packages apply only to the Vehicles of the Customers who have purchased them from Cadillac and are not transferable to other vehicles.
Service packages may not be purchased after the first registration of the Vehicle.
Services packages are available only in the country of the first registration of the Vehicle and only in service centers authorized by Cadillac.

Services packages are not applicable to the following category of vehicles:

•    taxis, chauffeur-driven private passenger cars, ambulances, vehicles intended for the transportation of passengers
•    driving school
•    motor homes
•    vehicle used for medical or emergency services and
•    vehicles which have been modified or used in competitions or rallies.

Service packages do not apply in the following cases:

•    natural disaster, sinking in water, vandalism, attack, riot, immobilization by the police, acts of war, terrorism, accident, fire, theft or attempted theft;
•    the consequences of repairs, conversions or modifications carried out by repairers who are not approved by Cadillac;
•    the replacement, fitting, maintenance or repair of accessories not originally fitted on the vehicle and any related consequences;
•    damage caused by the use of fluids, parts or accessories which are not genuine or of equivalent quality;
•    damage caused by natural phenomena, hail, flooding, lightning, storms or other atmospheric hazards;
•    damage caused by accident, fire, theft, attempted theft, riots;
•    repairs resulting from negligence, a driving error, incorrect use of the Vehicle (overloading, competition, racing etc.) or failure to comply with the servicing operations, in strict conformity with Cadillac`s recommendations;
•    failures and/or discharging of the Vehicle's traction and ancillaries’ batteries due to incorrect electrical connection.