Cadillac Europe GmbH offer and conditions for Partner+ participants



• The offer is only for employees of partner companies and their subsidiaries, and to members of partner associations with registered office in Switzerland.
• Each participant is entitled to 1 car purchase or lease within a period of 12 months.
• The vehicle must be registered under the participant’s name for a minimum of 6 months or 6,000 km.
• A proof of eligibility of the participant must be submitted to Cadillac Europe at vehicle ordering.

Purchase or leasing


Eligible participants will be able to purchase or lease a Cadillac LYRIQ with the benefits listed below.



Option 1: Free of charge home wall-box & contribution to installation costs up to CHF 1,000.


• Valid only for home wall-box supplied by Cadillac.
• Wall-box with charging power up to 11 kW or 22 kW, RFID system for authorization (lock/unlock) and smart functions, controllable via app.
• Contribution of up to CHF 1’000 using Cadillac’s appointed installation partner; in case installation costs are exceeding CHF 1’000, Participant will settle the remainder of the invoice with the Installation Partner.
• Participant will remain responsible for seeking any required approval from landlord and permits as applicable to allow the installation of the wall-box
• Cadillac reserves the right to change the supplier of the wall-box and Installation Partner at any time.
• Contribution to installation costs is only valid for the wall-box provided by Cadillac.


Option 2: Credit for fast charging at public charging stations with a value of CHF 600 per year for 3 years.


• Offer valid on Cadillac’s charging network providing access to >500’000 charging points in Europe.
• Initial amount of CHF 600 will be credited to the Participant’s account upon successful delivery of the vehicle. For the 2nd and 3rd year, the amount will be credited on the anniversary of the delivery of the vehicle.
• Any unused amount will be lost upon completion of the 3rd year.
• Cadillac reserves the right to change the list of participating charging points at any time.


Option 3: Leasing with preferential monthly installment

•    Valid only for the lease of a Vehicle through Cadillac’s appointed banking partner CA Auto Finance Suisse SA.
•    Financial support will be provided by reducing the amount to be financed by CA Auto Finance Suisse SA by Cadillac.
•    Lease application is subject to terms and conditions of CA Auto Finance Suisse SA.


Option 4: Winter Wheels package

•    Valid only for the purchase of a Cadillac LYRIQ (not available for leasing)
•    Cadillac Winter Wheels package comprising:

o 4 winter tires & set of additional rims fitted for the Vehicle
o initial mounting of tires on rims
o Seasonal swaps and storage for 4 years
o And as described in the vehicle service terms and conditions available at

•    Valid for the Cadillac Winter Wheels Package or the Cadillac Maintenance & Winter Wheels package.
•    50% advantage will be applied to Cadillac Winter Wheels Package price applicable at time of purchase and will be reflected in the invoice issued to customer upon delivery of the Vehicle


Suspension and Termination


Cadillac Europe may suspend or terminate the program any time. In case of suspension or termination, orders already accepted will be preserved and delivered, but other orders will not be processed.