ATS-V Sedan

The ATS-V brings you as close to racing as it gets. With a 3.6L Twin Turbo engine with titanium-aluminide turbines, patented, low-volume, charge-air cooler and titanium connecting rods you get superior response and performance. The first-ever ATS-V offers an impressive array of performance features.

CTS-V Sedan

The CTS-V doesn’t just bring show to the road. It is the most powerful street legal model in the history of Cadillac. And it’s built to prove it on the track. The 6.2L supercharged V8 engine delivers 649hp and 855Nm of torque. And with acceleration from 0-100km/h in less than 4 seconds, it’s worth every minute of your time.

ATS Sedan

Success isn’t measured by could’ve or should’ve. It’s measured in been there and done that. The nimble handling of the ATS celebrates where you’ve been, while its sophisticated nature hints at where you’re going. Precise. Exact. Exhilarating. This is the new ATS Sedan.

CTS Sedan

No detail overlooked. From its signature LED lighting to its ingenious lightweight aluminum doors to its remarkably powerful engines, every gram of material in the CTS had to justify its existence. Created in turn is a beautifully crafted vehicle that stands out among the world’s finest on the road.

CT6 Sedan

We have reinvented the prestige sedan. With the first-ever CT6, Cadillac has embarked on a bold journey that sets the new standard for excellence. Innovatively engineered and beautifully crafted, the CT6 achieves dynamic performance previously unseen in large premium cars. Matching the powerful yet efficient engine is an entirely new, lightweight vehicle architecture for a superb driving experience that is agile, solid, and secure. And every journey delivers the utmost comfort and convenience for all with available individual climate control, extended comfort seats with five massage settings, and an optional Bose® Panaray® sound system featuring 34 speakers. The result is a daring expression of ambition.